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To book a class, scroll down the page and you will find all the classes I have for sale. But first, here is some information for you!

I run regular weekday and weekend classes for up to 6 people, from my workshop in Lydney Park Estate. These range from beginners half day classes and full day classes using the copper foil method, to full day leadwork classes and Christmas classes. I personally recommend you begin with a copper foil class as you may find this class easier if you have never cut glass before.

If you would like to book a bespoke 1 to 1 class then please email me on

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By its very nature, stained glass making does require a certain amount of wrist strength and the whole day class can be tiring for some, so I always take this into account by asking these questions:

Do you have a medical condition that affects your fine motor skills or do you struggle with hand control/shaking?

Do you have reduced physical strength or stamina due to age or a health condition?

Do you have arthritis in your wrists?

If you answer yes to any of these then give me a call on the number below and we can have a chat and work out which is the right class for you.

Landline 01594 822875

Mobile 07495 424767

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Showing all 8 results