Thank you for your interest in my work, I really appreciate each and every customer I work with. However, I am not taking any more commissions in 2024 as I am at capacity. If you would like to be added to my commission enquiry list for 2025 please email me on and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Things to consider before emailing:

What size is the window (approximately)?

Is the window exterior or interior?

Where will your commission be going and what kind of lighting will it have? 

What are your colour preferences? 

What style choices do you make in your home, and is this a useful source of inspiration for your commission?

What is your budget? I can work with a budget in mind, or I can give you several options based on the intricacy of the piece. 

What time frame are you looking at? I will be able to give you an approximate wait time but there is sometimes flexibility within this.

I am more than happy for my customers to come along to my workshop to discuss the commission and view the types of glass available. Colour and texture is important, I can gauge your taste more easily by judging your reactions to certain glass types. If you would like a home visit that can be arranged, although I do charge a fee for travel time. 

While I do practice all methods for stained glass, I tend to work in copper foil as it is my preference. I use traditional lead came for large exterior windows. My personal style is inspired by natural forms, circular shapes and long flowing lines. My personal work is often abstract or landscape based. I also love to paint onto the glass and will offer this as part of your commission if it is relevant to the design.