Here is a selection of my work through the years, both personal projects and commissions for clients.

Crowded Universe – a personal project

An experimental piece I completed many years ago. I used found objects which I wrapped in copper foil, as well as glass beads and coloured glass.

Private Commission

Abstract water with swimming fish commission

Private piece – flowers and bubbles

Poppies door commission

Butterflies and flowers commission

Hare and moon commission

Personal Project

Abstract landscape – personal project for a window above a door

I made use of my off-cuts when creating this window. I wanted to create a random and organic feel to this piece.


a private commission

Round tree window

Forest landscape

Colourful tree of life

round window for a log cabin

Round arch window commission

A commission for a window between rooms, to give light to a dark corner. Pale pastel shades were were used with just a pop of red.

Sunburst bubbles commission

Cinderford Council commission

Daffodils round window commission

Kingfisher window – kitchen door commission

Six abstract windows commission

Giant daisies commission

Class images from a recent workshop